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Management AccountingWhether you want to protect your family with a life insurance policy, or you want to arrange key man insurance for your company’s officers, our financial planning guidance services will help you make informed decisions that are best suited to your individual, personal and business requirements.

Our financial planning services include:

Life Cover
The most affordable way to protect your family when you pass away is sufficient Life cover. Life cover pays a lump sum to ensure that outstanding family, business surety, estate duty, mortgage debts are paid and family cash flow needs are taken care of when you are no longer around.

Buy and Sell Agreements
The effective solution to the problems that arise from the death or disability of a business partner is a well arranged Buy and Sell Agreement. This contract is a definite agreement obligating each partner to sell at death his interest in the business to the surviving partners and committing the surviving partners to purchase the interest. Ready cash is available to the heirs of the deceased partners at the moment of need. Uncertainty is eliminated as far as the heirs are concerned that they will receive fair value for their interest. The surviving partners do not need to borrow expensive funds to buy the interest. Business continuation is not affected.

Keyman Insurance
Any business has one or more staff members upon which it depends heavily for success.
The expertise, knowledge and skills of staff members are often as vital to the success and continuation of the business as the physical and capital assets. The premature death or disability of such staff can result in financial loss. Life insurance will guarantee funds to protect existing credit facilities. It will provide funds to recruit suitable replacements and afford the business time to fill the loss in expertise.

Disability Cover
It can be arranged as standalone benefits or incorporated with life insurance, to provide funds in the event of disablement. Capital disability benefits pay a lump sum capital amount in the event of you being medical impaired (temporary or permanent) to earn an income. Income continuation benefits pays a regular income should you become fully or partially unable to earn an income due to injury, illness or as a result of a medical procedure.

Severe Illness Benefits
A severe illness is an illness or disorder that significantly affects a person’s lifestyle.
Severe illness cover may be affected as a standalone benefit or incorporated with life insurance cover. It covers a wide range of medical conditions, from life changing terminal illness (Heart & Artery, Cancer, Nervous system, Respiratory system, Gastrointestal, Urogenital, Connective tissue diseases) These benefits are family focussed and allows you to select the benefits that suits your own and your family’s needs.

Retirement Planning
No one wants to work forever. Retirement is a life changing event that requires a dedicated long term commitment to an attainable savings and investment plan.

Put your retirement provision plan into action as soon as possible. The value of time and compound interest cannot be over emphasized. A flexible retirement plan is of great value to help steer you to a comfortable retirement. A holistic approach is necessary to address all the relevant issues of the retirement plan. Details of current and future assets, liabilities, debts, surety commitments, cash flow streams, wishes, family future cash needs, provision for medical care, and many more needs to be synchronized.

Medical Aid
The increasingly complex medical care environment requires careful scrutiny of available cover and affordability. As the largest funder of medical care in South Africa, Discovery Health is uniquely positioned at the centre of the health system. It offers the full spectrum of flexible and comprehensive medical plan range to you or your organisation. Our services include a complete consultancy process to find the best and most affordable health solution for you.

Estate Planning
Estate planning is an essential part of your comprehensive financial plan .A dynamic estate plan is one of the most important factors to ensure that your last wishes are honoured, assets are inherited, debts settled, taxes paid and your loved ones cared for.
A holistic approach is adopted to review values of all assets, liabilities, insurance cover, pension/provident plans, investments, savings, fixed assets, cash flows etc to determine inter alia estate liquidity, estate tax liabilities executor fees. Review your Last Will and Testament, Trust deed, to ascertain that it complies with current tax and legal requirements.

Savings and Investments
Saving over the short term for a planned holiday or buying an asset? We offer a large variety of cost friendly saving vehicles that may suit your specific requirements

Long term investments.
Do you want to invest for the longer term but do not know how to begin? We will show you all the building blocks you need to get started Building long term funds for a specific financial goal or to have capital available for the acquisition of assets. We will consider your needs for income, capital growth and income with growth. Whether it is unit trusts, retirement planning, property investments, shares, money market or any combination of asset classes we will be able to provide you with investment solutions that will add value to your current and future investment portfolio.

Short-term insurance
Short-term insurance will give you peace of mind that your assets are insured in the event of a loss or accident. It is important that your assets are adequately insured in the event of a major catastrophe to a small accident.

Please contact us to review your present cover and in the event of shortcomings to assist you with possible solutions.

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